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In 2018,  I had a fire awaken inside of me.

For lack of better words, I spent a huge chunk of my life not liking myself. Persistent negative self talk combined with poor health decisions and a complete inability to take accountability for myself was a lifestyle that I wanted to release.

I knew I deserved more for myself but I also knew that the only person who was going to make that happen for me, was me

While I allowed myself to open up to self love and release that which was no longer serving me, I discovered my passion. This unfolding has led me to my path of Integrative Life Coaching, Astrology, Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Energy work. 

I now know the reason I was so drawn towards these practices was because 1. I wanted to understand myself on a deeper level and  2. I wanted to learn how to effectively retrain the brain and body so I could live the life I wanted without fearing my own shadow. 

When I started to gain the knowledge of these tools and utilize them within my own life I knew without a doubt that I had to teach others the same which is what lead me to my coaching practice. 

It is my intention to convince you of your power and just how incredible you truly are. When we understand our true nature, we are able to live in our light and discern between what is right for us; we take our power back into our hands. Life's too short to unhappy, unsure or unfulfilled. 

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I appreciate you being here.